epoxy flooring in chennai

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Self Level 1000 Mic / 2000 Mic., is a solvent-free, pigmented three component pure liquid epoxy resin cured of a special amine hardener self-leveling for industrial epoxy flooring.

  • - Abrasion resistant.
  • - Provides hard wearing and a seamless surface.
  • - Easy to clean.
  • - Excellent adhesion.
  • - High resistance to chemicals.
  • - Easily laid in a range of colors.

As a floor topping in industrial & commercial areas such as food, drink and pharmaceutical plants, tool rooms, operation theatres, electrical/ electronic assembly plants, light industrial plants, automotive showrooms and all other areas requiring hygiene, aesthetic, dust free and hard wearing surfaces.

The surface has to be sound, dry, free from laitance, grease, oil, and any other contamination by using wire brushing or mechanical means or grit blasting ,PACKING:-12, 14 Kg units.

ADHEREX – SLF, when hardened by the reaction of epoxy resins and hardener, becomes very hard and has a high resistance to abrasion. The hardened system is extremely chemical resistant as well as exhibits high flexural and tensile stresses.


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