Floor Hardener

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Heavy Duty Non-Metallic Floor Hardener is a ready to use composition consisting of polymer modified binders and graded quartz aggregates, formulated for dry shake on the application and for trowel embedment on fresh concrete surface requiring a high degree of abrasion resistance.

  • - High-performance surface hardener.
  • - Provides highly abrasion resistant surface to concrete floors by the dry shake on system
  • - Resistant to oil and grease penetration.
  • - Can handle heavy duty traffic without wearing and dusting.
  • - Ready to use.
  • - Bonds monolithically with base concrete.
  • - Designed to effectively reinforce indoor and outdoor concrete floors light, medium & heavy duty industries and other areas requiring durable and abrasion resistant concrete floors.
  • - Adds to the hardness and greatly extends the life of any goods concrete floors or pavements. The use of ADHERE FLOOR-Z compensates for normal concrete aggregate segregation and surface weakening. However, it will not substitute for poor floor design or construction.
  • - Recommended for use in indoor and outdoor floors and pavements in public and industrial places, warehouses, production areas, loading bays, shopping centers, schools and institutions, commercial complexes, garages, showrooms, laundries, parking lots, plazas, recreation areas etc.

The standard practice as adopted for cutting concrete structures shall be adopted for ADHERE FLOOR-Z treated surfaces.,PACKING:-25 Kg Polythene lined bags.

ADHERE FLOOR-Z ensures a non-metallic abrasion resistant surface to concrete floors by the dry shake on the system. It bonds monolithically with the base concrete, ensuring high levels of Performance.


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