AQUALASTIC 2K - Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane Coating System

AQUALASTIC Polymer modified, Cementitious, Waterproofing Coating System which forms a highly elastic water impermeable membrane. It consists of a liquid and powder when mixed together forms an easily brushable coating.

ADHERE FLEX Single Component Waterproofing Membrane

ADHERE FLEX is a unique single component acrylic co-polymer waterproofing elastomeric membrane provides a extremely tough durable coating and it allows the concrete to breathe.

ADHERE CRYST Crystalline Capillary Waterproofing System

ADHERE CRYST - Crystalline Waterproofing system having proprietary blend of portland cement, aggregates, quartz and special chemicals. ADHERE CRYST penetrates concrete and reacts chemically with free lime to produce insoluble crystals in the presence of moisture.

ADHERE PLUS Flexible Cemenitious Water Proof Coating

ADHERE PLUS is a polymer modified mortar, supplied in powder form. Once mixed with water, produces a decorative coating that is easily placed in a single layer with good waterproofing performance.

ADHER BONDS - IPC Impregnation Prime Coat

A Unique formulation ADHERE BONDS - IPC is a single component primer coat, acts as a primer as well as binder over the plastered surfaces. Seals all pores thus, reducing the porosity of the surface.

ADHERE - DAMPTITE Water Thinnable Epoxy Coating

DAMPTITE is a two component epoxy resin based water proofing compound. One part is consisting of epoxy resin and the other part with curing agent. After mixing both the parts it can be thinned down with water.

ADHERE PROOF - 502 Rubberize Elastomeric

ADHERE PROOF – 502 is a water proofing system ideally to be used between slabs to protect them against the penetration and lateral movement of water. ADHERE PROOF – 502 water proofing membrane is a cold applied, seamless,