Water tank waterproofing



A Unique formulation Impregnation Prime Coat is a single component primer coat, acts as a primer as well as binder over the plastered surfaces. Seals all pores thus, reducing the porosity of the surface..

Water dilutableBeing water based it penetrates in concrete/plaster surface seals the porosity and network of fine cracks. Reduces water permeability.After curing it forms hard, tough and strong film.Bonds strongly on cement concrete / mortar, plaster, asbestos sheet etc. surface. Excellent resistance to water, salt water, dilute acids, alkalies, soap water, and other chemicals.Excellent resistance to positive (hydrostatic) water pressure..

  • - Cement—concrete water storage tanks.
  • - Damp walls (interior/Exterior)
  • - As a primer before painting (interior / Exterior)
  • - Toilet and kitchen walls.
  • - Coating on walls of breweries & food processing industries.
  • - As a primer before application of sterile coating in food & drug industries.
  • - As a putty with OPC—white cement to fill the cracks of external walls
  • - Batcheries & Aqua farms.

Surface preparation first the most important step before application to get result and to avoid failure. The substrate must be clean and free of dirt, paint, oil, grease, sludge, blistered & loose plaster, fungus & moss etc. thorough wire brushing followed by sanding with emery paper is recommended. Remove the dust by compressed air or paint brush or wiping with water soaked cloth.

DAMPTITE is a two component epoxy resin based water proofing compound. One part is consisting of epoxy resin and the other part with curing agent. After mixing both the parts it can be thinned down with water. It possesses all the attributes of normal solvent based epoxy compositions such as excellent water and chemical resistance, adhesion, hardness, toughness, and mechanical strength. One of the major advantage of DAMPTITE over solvent based epoxy is that it can be applied on damp surface also. Being free from solvents, it does not pose any health hazard to the applicator. DAMPTITE is completely, consentient & economical to apply.


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