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For the first time in our country, “Adhere Bonds” have launched innovative 3–dimensional flooring, With State of the art technology, of amazing luxury and style brought in modern day flooring technology. This 3D epoxy flooring can be laid on all type floors and various design /colors to suit the customized taste.

Among the several advantages are seamless flooring, unlike tiles which are square in shape. Easy to mop, durability, anti - skid, maintenance free, wet resistance cost effectiveness etc …..

The procedure in laying, is floor has to be thoroughly cleaned and ensure zero level, On top of it the customized image is laid. Finally the amazing 3D epoxy flooring takes its effect. Initially 3D epoxy flooring started with shopping malls, theme park, complexes, and corporate offices embossing their logos. Because of its strength and load bearing capacity of this product. Once this is laid its luxury of 3D epoxy flooring caught attention of people, and started being used in households, hotels etc…. From the floors it also started being used on the walls as well.

3D epoxy flooring started attracting all ages of people, more specially the young children/ others once their chosen cartoon characters, under water images and deity in their pooja rooms are brought to life on their floors. With advancements of today the unimaginable patterns started appearing

only to remind us that sky is the limit for this 3 D flooring designs. With proper maintenance even after 15 years neither the color nor the effect decreases is added advantage. Not only this is highly advisable in living rooms it is very specially used in bath rooms because of its wet resistance capacity & impart special training on 3D epoxy flooring.