Terrace Waterproofing


Adhere Proof-502

Rubberize Elastomeric is a waterproofing system ideally to be used between slabs to protect them against the penetration and lateral movement of water..

ADHERE PROOF – 502 is a water proofing system ideally to be used between slabs to protect them against the penetration and lateral movement of water. ADHERE PROOF – 502 water proofing membrane is a cold applied, seamless, elastomeric single component moisture curing bitumen modified polyurethane, specially formulated for hand application by using squeeze or roller to vertical or horizontal surface . It should be applied directly from the container (liquid application ). It is designed especially for use as a flexible continuous waterproofing membrane between two course concrete , between masonry construction and bituminous toppings and also for exterior below grade waterproofing of masonry.

  • - Inherent membrane flexibility
  • - Permits nominal expansion and contraction without losing bond to substrate
  • - Durable and remains elastic at extreme temperatures
  • - Creates a seamless and continuous protective membrane
  • - Effective water and vapour proofing system
  • - Chemically impervious barrier
  • - Resistance to mild acids, alkalis and salts
  • - Not susceptible to bacteria attack
  • - Membrane remains intact after curing even when exposed to elevated temperatures.
  • - Seal Crack
  • - Prevents new concrete from cracking
  • - Able to rehabilitate cracked surfaces by sealing cracks up to 2mm wide
  • - Easy to apply
  • - No special tools or equipment required
  • - Anti Root
  • - By forcing the root to travel elsewhere
  • - prevent future root growth while effectively stopping infiltration.
  • - Parking garages
  • -Roof top
  • -Mechanical rooms
  • -Bridges
  • -Balconies
  • -Cilverts
  • -Dams
  • -Concrete tanks
  • -pools decks
  • -Shower stalls
  • -Fountains
  • -Highways
  • -Below grade slabs
  • -Around drains
  • -Reservoirs

The freshly applied ADHERE PROOF- 502 shall be protected from direct rain , dirt, oil, grease or other loose particle for at least 12 hours. It is foot trafficable after 24 hours and resistant to light mechanical stress after 3 days . permanent water pressure resistance Shall be achieved after a full hardening of 7 days.,PACKING:-20 litres pail.

  • - Bubbling may occur if apply on substrates that are wet.
  • - ADHERE PROOF-502 should not be used as exposed or wearing surfaces.
  • - ADHERE PROOF – 502 should not be used where a odour is objectionable sush as in close proximity to areas where food preparation or processing take place during the time of application.

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