Epoxy floor coating

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High Build Epoxy Coating System is a unique formulation with solvent-free high build epoxy system which produces hard chemical resistant, aesthetically pleasing colored floor coating, dustproof areas for precision assembly sections in Engineering and Electronic industries etc..

  • - Improved aesthetics
  • - Available in various color
  • - Hygienic
  • - Abrasion resistant and smooth.
  • - For all cement mortars, it is advisable to first apply a coat of the above mix without the addition of pigment as a primer coat.
  • - The topcoat thereafter can be applied. The additional coat may be given for higher thickness of coating if required. All the three coats thus will yield a dft of around 500 microns.

Potlife for 100gms mix at room temperature (30˚C) is around 50 minutes.

The surface to be coated must be thoroughly cleaned. If freshly made surface, it should be ensured that the curing has been done properly. The surface treatment is done by acid treatment and neutralization as per the standard recommendations.


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