Epoxy Primer



Epoxy Primer is a unique formulation which produces hard chemical resistant excellent adhesion to concrete and steel surfaces.

  • - Abrasion resistant and smooth
  • - Hygienic
  • - Improved aesthetics.
  • - Forms a smooth and aesthetically pleasing film having excellent adhesion to the substrate and have good resistance to wide range of minerals and organic acids, Alkalis, Oils, Fats etc.
  • - Applied on vertical surfaces and ceilings of buildings to resist aggressive chemicals and to produce hygienic environment.
  • - Used as a hygienic surface coating for food processing industries, swimming pools, operation theatres, concrete and steel structures, battery rooms, chemical handling areas ..

Prior to application of ADHEREX – EP, the cracks / joints etc, shall be sealed with epoxy or sealant i.e. ADHERE SEAL P ,PACKING:-6, 24, 48 Kgs

ADHEREX – EP is chemically cured epoxy floor coating system where the interwoven polymer films aid in better mechanical properties and chemical resistance.


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