summer cool coating

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Heat shield is a heat reducing & Energy saving elastomeric coating composed of acrylic Emulsion polymers, properly selected & graded fillers, light fast & weather durable white pigments, additives & water as medium. It is used as a heat insulating coating on building rooftops & exterior walls because it helps in reducing power consumption substantially by reducing the load on air-conditioners & keep the interiors cool with additional function

  • - Heat Insulation Reduces the conductivity of heat from exterior to interior, thus lowers the Temperature
  • - Solar Reflectance 83.8% solar reflectance (ASTM E- 903), re-radiated heat back to atmosphere
  • - UV and IR resistant Resistance to UV & IR emission, protects coating from damage and reduces heat Conductivity.
  • - Microbial resistant Resistance to algae and fungus growth results into lesser maintenance
  • - Non-Toxic water based system Eco friendly
  • - Energy saving Reduction in electrical consumption for air-conditioners, saves energy cost.
  • - Apply 3 coats of Adhere Bonds – cool without any dilution by brush or roller at an interval of 2-3 hours.
  • - Allow the coated surface to air cure fully for 7 days.
  • - Do not dilute.
  • - Always to be kept as final coat.i.e. No over coating on Adhere Bonds – cool.,
  • - Prime the metal surface with suitable anti-corrosive primer.
  • - Priming is not required for new GI sheets.

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