Reinforcement Bar Coating



RBC is an acrylic co-polymer to be used in combination with ordinary Portland cement and fine river sand (sieved sand finer than 300 microns) and surface applied over steel reinforcement for better corrosion protection.

  • - Tested system against the most dangerous enemy of reinforcement concrete - corrosion of steel.
  • - Produces an excellent coating against corrosive agents.
  • - Increase durability of the structure and reduces life cycle cost.
  • - Does not adversely affect the bond between steel and concrete.

The coating can be applied by using brush or spray system. Either two coats of the slurry can be applied or one coat of slurry followed by plain ADHERE RBC solution (i.e. without adding cement and sand). After application the reinforcement bars can be used in 30 - 45 minutes time.

  • - ADHERE RBC is an anti-corrosive treatment to reinforcement steel as protection against aggressive corrosion.
  • - ADHERE RBC is ideal and essential for pile foundations in marine locations and for structures exposed to industrial and saline environment.

ADHERE RBC provides excellent protection for steel reinforcement in structures subject to severe environment action. The risk of corrosion is thus reduced, enabling the steel to perform satisfactorily


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