Cement Paint



fills the fine pores of concrete / mortar walls (Interior & Exterior) / ceilings and provides smooth, dry surface essential for painting. It has better water resisting properties, durability, good adhesive strength and enhance the life of the paint. ADHERE – WALLKING can be applied even on moist surface..

  • - Hygienic and an excellent light reflector.
  • - Does not rub, flake or peel off (once set).
  • - Withstands all climatic conditions.
  • - Does not prevent the “breathing” which is essential to exterior walls.
  • - Is available in fine powder form.

Stir the mixture before application. Use flat brush and move horizontally or vertically to ensure perfect covering. While applying the first coat, brush hard into the surface to seal up all cavities or pores, which may be present. For the second coat apply similarly but finish with a vertical movement taking care to see that the paint is spread evenly over the surface. During application frequent stirring should be done to ensure homogeneous composition.

24 Hours after the first coat has been applied saturate the surface with water. Apply Second coat when the surface is damp to the touch. Re water the surface with ample water after 24 hours to ensure perfect setting of the paint film. Do not use saline water for curing surface painted with ADHERE CEMCement Paint.

Exterior/Interior Concrete, cement rendering, lime plaster, brick works, asbestos cement sheets, walls.


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