Roof Tile Grout


ADHERE RTG Sanded Grout

ADHERE RTG Sanded Grout is a Tile grout consisting of a carefully blended mix of Portland Cement, graded aggregates and color-fast pigments. Designed for use with ADHERE TGL Grout admix for optimum performance. It is suitable for non-absorbent & vitreous type tiles for grout joints 3-10mm.The grout with the grout admix provides a grout joint that is dense, hard and durable, color fast and less water absorbent. Available in a full range of architectural colors. Adhere RTG Wide is cementitious tile joint filler for wider joints of non porous , pavement tiles . It filles wider gap without cracking & shrinking when mixed with Adhere RTG Wide Additive. It is a factory prepared mix of Portland cement, aggregates & pigments which provide washable & long lasting color.

  • - colour-fast
  • - weather resistant
  • - easy maintenance
  • - non-shrinking
  • - non-cracking
  • - Easy application and clean up
  • - No wet curing required when with latex
  • - Provides Waterproofing
  • GROUT ADMIX thoroughly before use. Use approximately 2ltrs of ADHERE TGL for 10 kg of ADHERE RTG powder. Place ADHERE TGL in a clean mixing container and add grout powder slowly. Mix by hand or with a slow speed mixer to a smooth stiff consistency.

Dampen tile surface with water. Spread with a sharp, firm rubber grout float. Work the grout paste into the joints until completely filled. Use diagonal strokes to pack the joints. Insure that joint is filled and grout is not just sitting on top

Before starting to grout remove spacers and debris in grout joints and remove dust and dirt using a wet sponge. Do not leave water standing in joints.


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