Swimming Pool Adhesive



Multipurpose Epoxy Adhesive is a high strength structural adhesive used to bond and assemble sub-components to form rigid final structures. The high viscosity provides excellent gap filling characteristics that strengthen loose fitting joints and panels.

  • - High bonding strength
  • - Mild Acid, Alkali resistant
  • - Highly cost effective for heavy application
  • - 100% waterproof
  • - Fire retardant quality Wet Surface curing
  • - property
  • - Easy to apply
  • - Free from Laborious Work
  • - Saves time
  • - Eco Environ friendly
  • - Withstand heavy loads.

ADHEREX – 34 is a two pack high built Epoxy Adhesive, Conforming to Global Standards with high Bonding & Sealing strength. Very ideal for fixing sealing vertically and horizontally with minimum labour and effort. Highly recommended for bath rooms, water tanks, swimming pools and roof top applications.

Dilute 1 part of ADHERE BONDS – TGL with 2 parts of water. (approx. add 0.7-1.5 liters of ADHERE BONDS – TGL to 10 Kg grout.) For increased product performance in more demanding situations such as tiling to timber floors, dilute with an equal volume of water. Use this liquid to mix GROUT for the application.


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