Water Repellent



quickly and easily forms a long lasting water repellent barrier within concrete and masonry. It is designed for maximum protection on vertical, above –grade surfaces. such as concrete block and other porous concrete surfaces.

  • - Formulated for concrete block and porous masonry.
  • - Penetrates substrate for permanent hydrophobic protection.
  • - Ready — to-use, non-flammable, non-volatile. Invisible, long lasting protection.
  • - No film .Leaves surface breathable.

  • - Not to be used for below – grade applications.
  • - Keep off shrubbery and plant life.
  • - Improper application may result in unsightly white streaks.
  • - Do not apply in high winds. Protect vehicles from over spray.
  • - Do not dilute
  • Surface Preparation: Areas to be treated shall be clean and dry for penetration. Allow 24 hours after rain before applying. Cure new masonry Surfaces for 14 days prior to treatment Clean off mud, scale, coatings or efflorescence. Repair mortar joints, other than hairline cracks, and allow to cure a minimum of 72 hours before applying ADHERE - R70. Caulking and sealant work shall be completed and allowed to cure before application. Apply ADHERE - R70 with low pressure airless spray equipment. A garden sprayer is acceptable for small projects. Spray pressure should be no more than 20psi. For porous block surfaces, spray head should permit a heavy spray . Control overspray. ADHER - R70 bonds to all siliceous materials including glass. Extremely porous substrates may require two (2) coats. Application of the second coat should proceed with wet on wet applications. Treat vertical areas using horizontal passes. Saturate mortar joints. Application from the bottom up is necessary to provide uniform penetration. Use an overlapping pattern allowing materials to flood down from contact point at least 8 inches (200 mm). Apply a light mist coat before general application to help insure complete saturation.

    ADHERE R 70's active ingredients provide a two – flod water repellent protection to concrete and masonry by 1) a non yellowing, Surface barrier that repels water, mildew dirt and airborne contaminates and 2) integral protection by an in – depth chemical action – forming barrier. Basic Use: ADHERE - R70 is designed specifically for water repellent treatment of vertical, above-grade concrete block and porous masonry units. Proper treatment is invisible and long lasting.


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