Krack Filling


Krack Filling

Polymer Modified Cementitious Crack Filling Agent is a specially formulated non-shrink polymeric cementitious material to be used for filling unsightly cracks in concrete, masonry, and surfaces

Resists further crack growth. Excellent crack filling ability. Patches shrinkage cracks in plaster..

Fills cracks in masonry, concrete, and plaster. Can be used as an external rending coat to even out surfaces. Gives a clean appearance to cracked surfaces.

40 RM/Kg to fill a V-groove of 6 mm depth, 3 Sqft/Kg for 3 mm thick render.

Cut open the cracks for 6mm deep V- grooves. Clean the grooves using wire brush and sprinkle water. Mix 3-4 parts of crack filler with one part of water to obtain a consistent paste. Apply with a suitable putty blade. After this has set, polishing with emery paper is recommended. For renders, apply the paste to around 3mm thickness.


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