Ultimate Repair Product


Adhere Crete-URP

Acrylic Cement Modifier Acrylic based co-polymer specifically designed with cementitious composition. When combined with cement, improves properties such as bonding with various substrates, flexural and compressive strength. It also enhances chemical resistance and weather resistance.

  • - Resistant to water penetration.
  • - Improved workability enabling better-finished surfaces.
  • - High compatibility thereby affording reduced pore structure, resulting in impermeable and chemical resistant mortar or coating
  • - High durability ensured in adverse condition.
  • - Resistant to fungus and micro-organisms.
  • - Prevents blistering and discolorations.
  • - It is non-toxic, non-inflammable and nonhazardous.
  • - Provides excellent adhesion between old and new concrete.
  • - For repairing concrete and masonry wall, roof slabs etc.
  • - For waterproofing above and below tanks, roofs, swimming pools, toilet sunken portion, basement etc.
  • - Used as a durability improving agent in mortars.
  • - For the protection of concrete against salt ingress and resultant corrosion.

Water curing should be done for 3 days, preferably by water ponding. At any cost, the traffic should not be allowed for at least 2 days.,PACKING:-1, 5, 20 Kgs

ADHERE CRETE – URP is compatible with all grades of ordinary Portland cement, blended cement & sulfate resistant cement.


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