GP I is a high strength, non-shrink, pourable and pumpable grout for industrial applications. Premixed, selectively graded components result in a dense, homogenous mix, with excellent strength and dimensional stability. Available in two grades ADHERE GROUT M20/M40.

  • - Excellent Fluidity for easy placements.
  • - Accessibility to remote parts of the structure.
  • - One-step grout, ready to use.
  • - Faster strength development and uniform set allow earlier loading.
  • - Dimensionally stable, needs no special treatment at opened ends, capping or edges.
  • - No bleeding, segregation, and efflorescence.
  • - Densification of the material decreases permeability, increases wear resistance.
  • - Resistant to oils, chemicals etc.
  • - High early strength minimizes downtime for Repairs and Maintenance.
  • - In machinery bases, structural columns, pumps, and accessory bases anchor bolts, bearing plates, floor grids, Crane tracks etc. Is an excellent material for structural concrete repairs.
  • - For pre-cast structural membrane and to joints, dowels, rail posts and sealing bolts, power line stanchions etc.
  • - Compensates for the normal shrinkage of concrete and mortar absorbs and minimizes the effects of vibration on the foundation.

Protection against drying winds and direct sunlight is essential. Use wet Hessian cloth or ponding water. If a damp hessian is used, curing for at least 7 days is necessary.,PACKING:-25kgs.

ADHERE GROUT develops a slight, but controlled expansion, beginning at the time of placement, resulting in excellent dimensional stability. It ensures that no major voids are left even in areas that are remotely accessible. Because of its non-shrink characteristics, it remains stable in place without cracking, crumbling or de-lamination.


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