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Anchor Grout

Anchor Set Grout is polyester resin based grout material suitably blended with a hardening compound and fillers and supplied as a pre measured , two part, resin grout. After hardening , the grout has high Adhere mechanical properties..

  • - Rapid Strength gain
  • - Vibration resistant
  • - Corrosion resistant Non expansive
  • - Can be placed under water
  • -Adhere Anchor Set Grout is used for high strength corrosion resistant anchoring of bolts and bars from 12 – 25mm diameter into concrete , rock , masonry or brickwork where high speed of installations and early application of load is required. Permanent installation of reinforcement starter bars , foundation bolts , base plates , barriers and safety fences , railway tracks, tieback anchors, reinforcement dowelling abutments, ground anchors for towers, cranes, dock sills.

A complete pack of resin and catalyzed filler should be mixed is one operations . Mixing may e carried out mechanically. When a smooth, even consistency is achieved the grout is ready for use and should be placed well within the gel time of the grout . Packs have been designed to produce practical and economic volumes of grout. Do not attempt to mix partial pack components

Hole preparation and formation Optimum performance of Adhere Anchor Set Grout requires rough sided, dust free holes. Bar preparation All bars should preferably be degreased and all flaky rust removed.


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