Concrete Water Reducing Agent

Concrete Water Reducing Agent


Superior Concrete Plasticizer reduces water content in water-cement ratio and increases workability, density & strength..

  • No increase in cement content for increased strength.
  • Dense, impermeable concrete.

Increases the workability of concrete – particularly beneficial for pumpable or pneumatically placed concrete, and for concreting in heavily reinforced structures. Reduces the total amount of water in the mix by about 8 – 15% and improves the strength of the hardened concrete without adversely affecting its initial workability.

ADHERE MIX-500 can be directly added into the mix at the same time as the gauging water. Reduce water dosages for required consistency.

ADHERE MIX-500 helps to reduce the excess water used in concrete which is undesirable because of void formation, shrinkage, cracking, bleeding, segregation and increased permeability.


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