ADHERE PROOF - 502Rubberize Elastomeric

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ADHERE PROOF – 502 is a water proofing system ideally to be used between slabs to protect them against the penetration and lateral movement of water. ADHERE PROOF – 502 water proofing membrane is a cold applied, seamless, elastomeric single component moisture curing bitumen modified polyurethane, specially formulated for hand application by using squeeze or roller to vertical or horizontal surface . It should be applied directly from the container (liquid application ). It is designed especially for use as a flexible continuous waterproofing membrane between two course concrete , between masonry construction and bituminous toppings and also for exterior below grade waterproofing of masonry.


  • Parking garages
  • Roof top
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Bridges
  • Balconies
  • Cilverts
  • Dams
  • Concrete tanks
  • pools decks
  • Shower stalls
  • Fountains
  • Highways
  • Below grade slabs
  • Around drains
  • Reservoirs


1. Inherent membrane flexibility

  • Permits nominal expansion and contraction without losing bond to substrate
  • Durable and remains elastic at extreme temperatures

2. Creates a seamless and continuous protective membrane

  • Effective water and vapour proofing system

3. Chemically impervious barrier

  • Resistance to mild acids, alkalis and salts
  • Not susceptible to bacteria allack
  • Membrane remains intact after curing even when exposed to elevated temperatures.

4. Seal Crack

  • Prevents new concrete from cracking
  • Able to rehabilitate cracked surfaces by sealing cracks up to 2mm wide

5. Easy to apply

  • No special tools or equipment required

8. Anti Root

  • By forcing the root to travel elsewhere
  • prevent future root growth while effectively stopping infiltration.


Tests Test results Standard
Shore A Hardness 31 ASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength, Mpa >2.0 ASTM D–412
Elongation,Percent,Avg > 800% ASTM D-638
Puncture resistance, average 34 N ASTM E-154
100% Modulus,Mpa 1.6 ASTM D–412

Results Shown are typical but are not intended as performance criteria for non-site installed material.


20 litres per 12m2 (1.65 litre /m2) should produce a cured membrance of 1.10mm thick when ADHERE PROOF - 502 is applied by steel over concrete surfaces .A minimum of 1.0mm is recommened to adequately cover nominal surface variations. Coverage may vary with the application technique used . Actual coverage rate and man thickness depends on finishes an porosity of the substrate.


Surface preparations
Surface preparations are required before using ADHERE - 502 .Thoroughly clean concrete surface free of oil , grease, paint and loose dust, mud and laitance and hose down concrete surfaces thoroughly . For best result , all concrete deck surfaces should be lightly steel towelled to a fairly smooth finish. New concrete must be water cured , at least 14 days old and the surfaces must be dry.

Static joints and Cracks
Joints and cracks less than (2.0mm) should be filled.

Metal preparation
All metal should be wire brushed or sandblasted to bright metal and then application of ADHERE
PROOF - 502 of two coats.
Honeycomb and void

All honey combing form –tie and void detected must be plugged with ADHERE injection grout prior to the application of ADHERE PROOF – 502. For treatment to cold joint between floor slab where vertical walls meets slab , the area shall be prestripped to 100mm wide on the slab of the concrete and 100mm on the corner between the walls and slab . After the surface treatment just prior to or during the application, all dust , dirt and other contaminants must be removed by broom or preferably vacuum.


  • All surface to be thoroughly inspected, the concrete surface must be clean and free from oil, grease, paint , loose dust, mud and laitance .
  • ADHERE PROOF - 502 shall be applied directly onto the concrete surface after the recommended surface preparation work had been completed.
  • Applied directly from the container , no mixing is required
  • The coat of ADHERE PROOF - 502 shall be applied at the rate 1.65 litre/m2 with a proper roller ensuring that all surfaces of the concrete surfaces is covered.
  • Mark up areas of approximately thirteen (12)m2 Per paiol of 20 litres to achieve the final average thickness of 1.4mm. This can be done by marking an area of thirteen (13)m2 and pour 20 liters f ADHERE PROOF – 502 and evenly applied the content with a rubber edged notched squeegee by the rate of 1.65 litre/m2 to achieve 1.4mm thick of the water proofing membrane.


Weave:   Plain
Material (Tex): Wrap:
Density(counts/inch): Wrap:
Unit weight(g/m2) Raw :
Finished product
Content of resin:   > 14%
Tensile strength (N/50mm): Warp:
Tensile strength after 28days Warp: >50% of Conditioning in 5%
NaOh: Weft: original >50% of Original


No mixing is required


The freshly applied ADHERE PROOF- 502 shall be protected from direct rain , dirt, oil, grease or other loose particle for at least 12 hours. It is foot trafficable after 24 hours and resistant to light mechanical stress after 3 days . permanent water pressure resistance Shall be achieved after a full hardening of 7 days.


Upon completion of the application, tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately.


ADHERE PROOF – 502 has a shelf life of 12 months . Keep containers tightly closed and away from ignition sources.Do not expose it to direct sunlight or leave it too long in the open air. A thin layer of skin coat may occur after content is long exposed to the sun. However, this can be easily removed and the rest of the content can be used.


ADHERE PROOF – 502 can be used up to 3 months once the packaging is opened . Protect from heat and frost.


  • 20 litre pail
  • colour . Black bitumen


  • Bubbling may occur if apply on substrates that are wet.
  • ADHERE PROOF-502 should not be used as exposed or wearing surfaces.
  • ADHERE PROOF - 502 should not be used where a odour is objectionable sush as in close proximity to areas where food preparation or processing take place during the time of application.


It is recommended that the applicator wears a safety goggles and gloves.Avoid prolonged contact with exposed skin , and keep away frommouth and eyes . In case of skin contact , wash areas with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Seek medical attention immediately if irritation persists.