ADHERE BONDS - TGLTile Grout Modifier

Adhere Bonds Chennai

White, polymer emulsion for use with cement based grouts. Suitable for use in interior and exterior locations in both dry and wet service conditions. ADHERE BONDS - TGL is a polymer additive for joint fillers eg. ADHERE BONDS - CTG (Cement Tile Joint Grouts).


The addition of ADHERE BONDS - TGL to cement-based grouts improves their physical properties and characteristics.

  • Increased mechanical strength.
  • Providing greater adhesion to tile edges e.g. glass mosaics and fully vitrified tiles.
  • Providing greater abrasion resistance. Particularly important in heavily trafficked areas such as shopping malls.
  • Increased flexural strength and flexibility.
  • Enabling grouts to be used where limited movement / vibration is anticipated e.g. plaster board and timber floors.
  • Reduced water permeability
  • Providing greater protection to water sensitive backgrounds and minimizing the risk of efflorescence.


  • Do not use showers for at least 2 weeks after completion of grouting
  • Do not fill pools at least 3 weeks after completion of grouting.


Dilute 1 part of ADHERE BONDS - TGL with 2 parts of water. (approx. add 0.7-1.5 litres of ADHERE BONDS - TGL to 10 Kg grout.) For increased product performance in more demanding situations such as tiling to timber floors, dilute with an equal volume of water. Use this liquid to mix GROUT for application.


Grout modified with ADHERE BONDS - TGL should be applied as directed above. The working time of the polymer modified grout may be shorter than that of the unmodified material, especially in higher termperature. The colour of the set grout may appear slightly darker than when unmodified. Use the same mix proportions throughout an installation to ensure uniform colour.


12 months from the date of manufacturing in ideal storage conditions.


100ml, 400ml, 1000ml.

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