ADHEREX - EBAEpoxy Bonding Agent for Concrete Structure

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ADHEREX - EBA - Epoxy Bonding Agent used for monolithic bond between old and new concrete and highly recommended for structural repair works.


  • Capable of transmitting very high stresses.
  • Excellent water and alkali resistance.
  • Can be applied on dry as well as damp surfaces.
  • Can be cured under moist / wet conditions.


In epoxy modified systems, cement hydration and epoxy polymerization occurs simultaneously. The hardened resin form thin layers on the cement hydrate and binds the hydrates to form a network in which the epoxy phase interweaves through the cement hydrate phase. The epoxy system thus develops high strength and adhesion and has low permeability, good water resistance and chemical resistance.


  • Highly useful for boning fresh concrete to old concrete that is fully cured.
  • To bond sprayed concrete / mortar to old concrete surfaces.
  • Can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces as a repair works.
  • Jacketing applications for strengthening the existing concrete elements like columns, beams, basements etc.
  • As a bonding agent for concrete repairs using cement plaster / screed and for gunite.
  • As water proof joint in sandwich constructions.


To obtain good adhesion, it is essential to have a clean and sound substrate. All laitance, oil, grease etc, shall be cleaned by either grinding, wire brushing, chipping, sand blasting or acid etching.


The base and hardener in the specified proportion shall be mixed to get a uniform colour. The mixed material shall be applied on the prepared concrete surface with stiff bristled brush. The fresh concrete / cement mortar / guniting shall be carried out on a tack free surface which will be achieved within 30 - 60 minute of application. The new concrete shall be applied within 4 - 6 hours time. For getting best results, the water cement ratio of the new concrete shall be as minimum as possible.


ADHEREX - EBA is compatible with all types of concrete, cement based grouts, polymer modified cement systems etc.


Full cure & chemical resistance 7 days
Overlay time 4 - 6 hours
Pot life 30 - 60 min. @30°C
Coverage 2 - 2.5 m2/Kg


12 months from the date of manufacturing in ideal storage conditions.


1, 5 Kgs

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