ADHERE INJECTCrystalline Water Cut Off Injection Grout

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ADHERE INJECTION Grout is a high strength grout specially formulated for grouting purposes. Due to its non-shrink properties it will not shrink when grouted into the pores and capillaries of concrete.

ADHERE INJECT grout is specially formulated for grouting in structural cracks and honeycomb concrete. It is cement based compound supplied in powder form and formulated from Portland cement, fine quartz sand, active chemicals.

Structural cracks of concrete due to movement, can also, be grouted with ADHERE INJECTION grout. Cracks that are leaking can also be grouted using the ADHERE INJECTION grout.

Product Properties

Mix Designs   Flowable water content 4.4 litre/25 kg
Test (at temperatures) °C 30°C
Initial Setting Time hr: min 3.00
Bleeding at 24 hrs % 0
Expansion at 24 hrs % 0.60
Compressive Strength 7days N/mm² 4.6-4.9N/mm² 52-54.8
Flexural Strength 7days N/mm² 5.2-5.4N/mm² 7.1-7.3N/mm²

ADHERE INJECTION Grout is especially good for bonding physically and chemically in the capillaries of this cracks and honey combs in the concrete where it also expands and seals them.

Further to this, chemical in the grout crystallize inside these pores and capillaries, thus making this area waterproofed. The ADHERE INJECTION grout has good flow and will actually flow into the crevices wherever it has been grouted. This will ensure that all crevices and fine cracks are all sealed and water proofed.


Flexible cementitious water proofer suitable for:

  • Structural Cracks
  • Honeycomb
  • Anglefillet
  • Groutingfor leakage area
  • Expansion & construction joints


  • Sealcracks
  • Highstrength grout
  • Crystallize inside the capillaries
  • Goodbonding
  • Waterproofing


Grouting Application procedures shall be:

  • 1. MIX ADHERE INJECTION grout with water in volume ratio of 1 parts ADHERE INJECTION grout to 1.5 part of water. When mixing ADHERE INJECTION Grout, it should be mixed in a pail not more than 20 litres at a time, using clean water.
  • 2. When mixing ADHERE INJECTION Grout, it should be ed with a slow speed stirrer or by hand using a to ensure that ADHERE injection Grout is mixed. After the mixing is done, there are no lumps in the mixture.
  • 3. Take `v' for 2 inches depth into the and put in place a grout pipe construction using ADHERE PLUG Set (quick set) compound. After that apply 1 coat of ADHERE CRYST around the pipe area. The grouting process can begin by pumping ADHERE INJECTION Grout under a low pressure until the grout comes out area.
  • 4. Along the butt-joints of the wall, patch with ADHERE PLUG Set (quick set) compound vertically and horizontally to prevent the grout from oozing out.
  • 5. On completion of the work. Remove the grout pipes along the top of the wall in the shower area. And finally remove the ADHERE PLUG (quick set) patched along the butt-joint by scraping it off.
  • 6. Angle Fillet Alljunctions between the slabs and walls do an angle

fillet of 25mm x 25mm with ADHERE



Hackavgroove joint with a depth of 25mm surrounding the outlets and pipes.

Washthoroughly the hacked areas to expose the clean concrete surfaces between the outlet pipe and the concrete.

Mix3parts of ADHERE INJECTION Grout to 1 part water thoroughly to a mortar consistency and apply with a trowel into the hacked v groove and level it to the concrete level.


Clean tools and equipment's immediately with before the waterproofing material sets material can only be removed mech


12 months from the date of packing in ideal storage conditions.

PACKING: 25 Kgs packing.

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