ADHERE CEMWaterproof Decorative Cement Paint

Adhere Bonds Chennai

ADHERE CEM - Water repellant Cement Paint that makes surfaces hard, durable, water and damp resistant. It is specially formulated with white portland cement and performance enhancing additives which makes it an ideal economical decorative and protective coating.


  • Hygienic and an excellent light reflector.
  • Does not rub, flake or peel off (once set).
  • Withstands all climatic conditions.
  • Does not prevent the “breathing” which is essential to exterior walls.
  • Is available in fine powder form.


Any previous coating of distemper, lime wash, paints loose materials and dirt, should be removed thoroughly by scrapping and washing. In a case where cement paint was previously used, only a slight scrapping with sand paper is necessary to remove all fungus, or organic matters which may be present.

Wet the surface with clean water by convenient method. Wait until the surface starts drying and there is no sign of water on the wall. The surface however must feel damp to touch.


Water must be added to ADHERE CEM and not vice versa. Take equal quantity of water and powder by volume with a suitable measure. Add about of 1/3 water to the powder gradually. Stir the mix thoroughly with a trowel or a flat wooden peg. After the powder is soaked homogeneously add slowly the remaining water and go on stirring.

Allow the mix to stand for 5 minutes in order to allow the ingredients in the mixture to dissolve. Stir the mix well again and start application. The Whole of the prepared batch of the mix should be used away with in one/two hour. In no case should extra water be added as otherwise hiding and adhesive power of the paint will be affected adversely.


Stir the mixture before application. Use flat brush and move horizontally or vertically to ensure perfect covering. While applying the first coat, brush hard into the surface to seal up all cavities or pores, which may be present. For the second coat apply similarly but finish with a vertical movement taking care to see that the paint is spread evenly over the surface. During application frequent stirring should be done to ensure homogeneous composition.

Wherever possible the applications of ADHERE CEM should take place in the shade. If this is impossible the painted surface should be wetted with a fine water spray after 4 to 5 hours. During rainy season, it should be noted that the paint is liable to be washed off if rain occurs within two or three hours of application. Repainting of such surfaces is essential. Do not apply during wet or frosty weather.


24 Hours after the first coat has been applied saturate the surface with water. Apply Second coat when the surface is damp to the touch. Re water the surface with ample water after 24 hours to ensure perfect setting of the paint film. Do not use saline water for curing surface painted with ADHERE CEM Cement Paint.


Water gauging 1 part of powder with 1 part of water (by volume)
Pot Life 2 hours (Max)
Shades Available in all pleasant colours.


Exterior/Interior Concrete, cement rendering, lime plaster, brick works, asbestos cement sheets, walls.


40 - 60 Sqft per 2 coats per 1 kg (This may vary depending on the texture and porosity of the surface.


12 months from the date of manufacturing in ideal storage conditions.

PACKING: 50 Kg bag.

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