ADHERE - ACRYLWater-Repellant / Decorative Coating

Adhere Bonds Chennai

ADHERE - ACRYL - high grade, solvent type, single component, metha-acrylate based protective coating for concrete and stucco against environmental pollution.


  • Resistant to Carbon dioxide, UV radiations, extreme rainfall, humidity and heat.
  • Excellent dirt repelling characteristics.
  • Decorative coating-gives a glossy finish to exposed surfaces, also available in matt finish.


ADHERE - ACRYL contains highly volatile solvents, having excellent wetting and penetration properties and adheres well to both absorbing substrates (concretes, stucco, and masonry) and non-absorbing ones (primed metals, plastics). The dried film is dirtrepellent, and resistant to ageing. By virtue of their exceptionally high resistance to Co2 diffusion, the substrates are effectively protected against the harmful effects of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. The ability of the substrate to breathe is hardly affected by ADHERE - ACRYL.


  • Can be employed as protective coating for structural elements such as facades, walls, retaining walls, bridges, tunnel walls etc., against aggressive media.
  • Can be used to coat concrete, natural stone, fair faced masonry and stuccos.


All surfaces where ADHERE - ACRYL is to be applied should be dry and free from contamination such as oil, grease, laitance, algae etc. Remnants of mould release agent or curing compound have to be removed. Trails may be needed if ADHERE - ACRYL is to be coated over an existing coating. The surfaces should be dry before coating with ADHERE - ACRYL. If ADHERE - ACRYL is applied on a wet surface, moisture gets trapped under the coating and form blisters when surface temperature increases. To have a uniform surface, the unevenness in concrete surface has to be filled, so that the ADHERE - ACRYL coating is unbroken.


Application can be done with a brush / rollers / spray gun. When spraying is used, ADHERE - ACRYL is to be thinned down.

Mask glass surfaces, joint sealants and bitumen coated areas before application. The material should be stirred thoroughly before use. ADHERE - ACRYL should be applied for minimum of two coats on the surface. Porous substrates may require one more coat. ADHERE - ACRYL dries as the solvent evaporates. Hence it is recommended not to apply ADHERE - ACRYL in direct sunlight as well as before 2 hours of first coat. At 20˚C, ADHERE - ACRYL is tackfree after 1 hour.


Brushes / Rollers / Spray guns should be cleaned immediately after use.


Supply form Liquid
Colour Transparent
Chloride content Nil


For 2 coats of ADHERE - ACRYL the coverage is 2.5m2/ltr. Depending on the surface, method of application and wastage, this can slightly vary.


ADHERE - ACRYL contains combustible solvents (flash point>21˚C). Apply only in the presence of good ventilation. Keep away from sources of ignition. ADHERE - ACRYL should not come into contact with skin and eyes. Ensure adequate ventilation as well as the use of protective gear. Use suitable respiratory protective equipment if working in confined areas.


12 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in ideal storage conditions.


1kg, 5 Kgs. Bulk packing is also available on request.

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