ADHERE - DECORAqueous Based Acrylic Exterior - Interior

Adhere Bonds Chennai

ADHERE - DECOR is a specifically formulated acrylic emulsified based protective and decorative microporous coating, which is capable to prevent any concrete structures against deleterious atmospheric gases, acid rains etc. with its incomparable chemical resistant characteristics.


  • It is not only a decorative and protective coating but also acts as an excellent water-resistant coating and thus it’s an exceptional Waterproofing material.
  • Acts as a protective coating material and guards the steel reinforcements from getting corroded.
  • Has flexibility and thus it accommodates expansion and contraction of concrete during seasonal variations.
  • Has a very good adhesion to the substrate.
  • It is well formulated in such a manner that it is micro porous and allows the concrete surface to breathe.
  • Coated surface gives aesthetic look and smooth finish.


It is important to prepare the surface by removing all loose and deleterious matters, oil and grease etc., before the application of ADHERE - DECOR. The adhesion of ADHERE - DECOR is greatly impaired if the substrate is not prepared properly. To obtain good result, it is essential to have a clean and sound, dust free substrate.

Cracks or holes if any must be filled with ADHERE KF (Crack filler). Any heavy damages on the surface must be repaired with suitable ADHERE CRETE (Acrylic Cement Modifier).


ADHERE - DECOR can be applied after 14 days of curing of the new concrete surface. Any concrete curing membrane residues on the surface should be completely removed by wire brush otherwise delamination can occur.

Dilute 1 kg of ADHERE - DECOR with 500 ml of water and apply as primer coat with brush. Then apply ADHERE - DECOR second coat by diluting 1 kg of ADHERE - DECOR to 250 ml of water when the surface is touch dry after 2-3 hours of the first coat. If necessary, third coat can also be applied in a similar manner. Stir the material in the container thoroughly to attain uniform consistency and then apply with a brush or roller as normal paint. During hot and dry conditions, the unpainted surfaces should be made wet to prevent ADHERE - DECOR from drying out fast.


ADHERE - DECOR gives a coverage of 3.5 to 5m2/kg when applied in 2 coats (including primer coat) to achieve a thickness of more than 250 microns. Coverage may vary depending on the porosity of the surface.


12 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in ideal storage conditions.


20 liters.

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