ADHERE - ULMUnder lay mortar

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ADHERE - ULM ADHEREX – ULM is a three component system based on Epoxy resin specially designed to impart high mechanical strength and good chemical resistance to flooring systems. It is usually used as an intermediate coat before final self levelling screed. The cured composition is a tough, non dusting and has excellent adhesion to variety of substrates including concrete.


  • Provides hard wearing and seamless surface
  • Solvent free with a high level of mechanical, chemical and water resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy to clean
  • Abrasion Resistant


As an under lay for industrial & commercial areas such as food, drink and pharmaceutical plant, tool rooms. operation theaters, electrical/ electronic assembly plants, light industrial plants, automotive showrooms and all other areas requiring hygiene, aesthetic, dust free and hard wearing surface


  • Pot Life @ 30°C : 25-30 minutes
  • Compressive strength (ASTM C 579) :60 Mpa
  • Flexural strength (ASTM C 580):35 Mpa
  • Tensile strength (ASTM C 307):25 MPa
  • Hardness, Shore D (ASTM D 2240) : 75-80
  • Curing Time :
  • Initial Cure 6-8 hours,
  • Ready for use To walk – after 24hrs
  • Full cure 7days


Before application, the surface to be free from loose particles, rust, oils, grease or earlier coatings and should be thoroughly dry.

After surface is dry, all repair work like sealing of joints, cracks filling of cavities and crevices should be carried out.

New concrete or cementitious substrates should fully cured for at least 28days and moisture content of less than 5% before application.


Mixed ADHEREX ULM must be applied by brush or roller on a prepared surface thoroughly in a thin continuous film. Another coat must be applied if characteristic dry patches are seen on the substrate due to high porosity of the surface. This ensures good adhesion but also prevents air release from porous substrates, which may cause bubbles after laying ADHEREX - ULM subsequently.

The primer must be left overnight to dry before the application of ADHEREX - ULM.


Adhere ULM are pre-weighed for optimum performance. Never split packs. mix to a uniform consistency for 1-2 minutes. Mix with slow speed drill and helical spinner


ADHEREX - ULM (Base & curing agent) is ailable in 6kg and 30 kg pack size.


ADHEREX -ULM has a shelf life of 12 months if kept original, unopened pack.stored in ideal storage condition

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