ADHERE - L52self levelling compound

Adhere Bonds Chennai

Cement Based Polymer Modified

Self-Leveling Compound is a rigid , hard setting ,self-leveling, polymer modified cementitious underlay which has been specially formulated to achieve a smooth flat surface prior to tiling Vinyl & Wood Flooring ideal for smoothing most floors prior to the application of ceramic tiles.

features & benefits recommended for

  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Will not crack or shrink
  • Long open time
  • Self-smoothing and self-hardening
  • Suitable for use from feather edge to 100mm sheeting
  • In one application
  • Can be walked on after 2 hours
  • Tile after 3 hours
  • Concrete
  • Cement screeds
  • Over existing tiles
  • Particleboard flooring
  • Compressed fibrous cement

surface preparation:

Surfaces must be firm, clean, dry, sound and smooth ,All grease ,oil, wax curing compounds,dust, plaster dropping sand paint must be removed prior to the application of leveling compound. All foreign material must be removed from the floor prior to the application of Self Leveling Compound. This is best achieved by mechanical means whether by scabbling,grinding or shot blasting. All porous substrates must be primed using ADHERE BONDS – SBR ,with very porous floors needing a second coat ofADHERE BONDS – SBR shall be applied to the correctly prepared substrate using a broom or brush.


Self-Leveling Compound requires exactly 5.5 to 6 liters of clean water per 25kg Pail. Mixing must be carried out using a mechanical mixer. Add the correct amount of water into clean mixing pail and slowly add the self-Leveling Compound powder to the water with continuous mixing . Mix for 2 minutes. The product is now ready for use .Do not add excess water and do not mix by hand.


Pour the correctly mixed Self Leveling Compound on to the prepared substrate and allow it to find its own level. To ensure a uniform consistency and continuous flow, it is advisable that subsequent mixes are ready once the previous pour has been laid until the entire area is leveled. Do not allow traffic on the area until the area has hardened.


Clean tools and equipment with warm water and detergent prior to product drying.


25KGS Pail


20 minutes at 22º C and 50% RH


25kgs of Self Levelling Compound Will Produce 16.5 litre of mixed product This Will cover 16 to 17m² at 1mm thickness.


This product is non – toxic but contains cement.Recommend the use of dust masks,eye protection and wearing of gloves when handling this product.


Unopened Pail can be stored for up to 12 months.


  • Do Not add extra water
  • Do not use externally
  • Do not hand mix
  • Do not use in areas with constant water contact
  • Minimum thickness over particleboard flooring is 3mm
  • Operating temperature to 40ºC
  • Concrete substrate must be at least 21 days old