ADHEREX - EPEpoxy Primer

Adhere Bonds Chennai

ADHEREX - EP is a unique formulation which produces hard chemical resistant excellent adhesion to concrete and steel surfaces.


  • Abrasion resistant and smooth
  • Hygienic
  • Improved aesthetics


ADHEREX - EP is chemically cured epoxy floor coating system where the interwoven polymer films aid in better mechanical properties and chemical resistance.


  • Forms a smooth and aesthetically pleasing film having excellent adhesion to the substrate and have good resistance to wide range of minerals and organic acids, Alkalis, Oils, Fats etc.
  • Applied on vertical surfaces and ceilings of buildings to resist aggressive chemicals and to produce hygienic environment.
  • Used as a hygienic surface coating for food processing industries, swimming pools, operation theatres, concrete and steel structures, battery rooms, chemical handling areas etc.


Remove dirt, Grease & oil residues and existing paint by scrubbing with coarse wire brush / chipping / acid etching / sand blasting and water jetting. New concrete should be cured for minimum 28 days prior to the application of ADHEREX - EP. The concrete should be bone dry before application of ADHEREX - EP.


Prior to application of ADHEREX - EP, the cracks / joints etc, shall be sealed with epoxy or sealant i.e. ADHERE SEAL P.

ADHEREX - EP shall be applied on the prepared surface and allowed to dry. The base and hardener should be mixed in proportion. Tools and equipments should be cleaned with ADHEREX - EP immediately after application.


Touch dry 5 hours at 30˚C.
Hard dry 10 hours at 30˚C
Full Cure & Chemical resistance 7 days
Tensile Strength 25 Mpa
Extensibility 3.9%
Flexural Strength 36 Mpa
Mixing Ratio 2 : 1
Mixed viscosity at 25°C 1100 cps


ADHEREX - EP has excellent resistance to various chemicals such as 50% solution of sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, 10% solution of ammonia and urea, saturated sugar, kerosene, petrol and diesel.


The working time of ADHEREX - EP depends upon the temperature. At 30˚C pot life is about 60 minutes.


On a smooth concrete surface, ADHEREX - EP will give coverage of 4m2/kg for single coat application.


Smoking, naked flame or light should strictly not be allowed during application or in the area of storage.


12 months from the date of packing in ideal storage conditions.


6, 24, 48 Kgs

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