ADHERE RELMOMould Release Agent - Mineral oil

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ADHERE RELMO is an ideal and efficient material to be applied to the interiors of moulds / shutters to facilitate easy removal of shuttering or mould from hardened concrete.


  • Improved release performance compared with oils and creams.
  • Reduces occurrence of blow holes.
  • Economical - only a light film required.
  • Water proofs plywood and timber moulds preventing the swelling of wood and ensuring proper hydration.
  • Rust proofs steel moulds.


ADHERE RELMO is an oil based component of low viscosity which is clear, transparent and free from suspended matter or sediments. It forms a smooth, sliding film at the interface of concrete and mould and ensures quick, clean release of hardened concrete. It provides a uniform, smooth, hard finish which is light in colour and does not stain even concretes made of white cement.


ADHERE RELMO can be used for all kinds of shuttering material like wood, steel etc. It ensures that water from concrete is not lost through absorption by fresh wood used for shuttering.

ADHERE RELMO results in a cleaner concrete after the mould is released.


Because of low viscosity, ADHERE RELMO can be applied evenly on the surface in a thin coat using a fine haired brush, but the care must be taken to remove any excess quantity. ADHERE RELMO can be applied by light weight horticulture sprayers.

Apply before the first casting and between subsequent castings, preferably immediately after stripping and cleaning the mould. When applying to new timber, the first coat may be completely absorbed in which case a second application should be made. The performance of timber moulds will improve progressively as they become impregnated with the release agent.

The application equipment can be washed out with spirit or paint thinners.


Coverage varies with the porosity of the surface and method of application. 1 Litre will cover an area between 20 to 30 m2 depending on surface characteristics of the wood. Steel shutters can give maximum coverage.


The flash point of ADHERE RELMO is 65% and it does not therefore present a fire hazard. Keep it in cool and dark place.


ADHERE RELMO is not directly harmful to the skin although excessive contact should be avoided. Avoid contact with eyes.


12 months from the month of manufacturing when stored in ideal storage conditions.


5, 10, 50, 100 Kgs.

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