Adhere Mix - 100 Plasticizer Cum Retarder

Adhere Bonds Chennai

ADHERE MIX-100 - retarding water reducer ideally suited for ready mixed concrete industries.


  • Reduction in water cement ratio up to 20 - 25%.
  • Flowing, pumpable concrete.
  • Excellent workability.
  • High quality concrete of improved durability, reduces heat of hydration even with very high strength cements.
  • Compatible with mineral admixtures.


ADHERE MIX-100 is a high performance new generation super plasticizer cum retarding admixture which lowers the surface tension of water and makes cement particles hydrophilic, resulting in excellent dispersion as well as controls the setting of concrete, depending on dosage. This increases the workability of concrete drastically and also facilitates excellent retention of workability. The workability offered at a lower water cement ratio eliminates chances of bleeding and increased workability retention allows increased travel time.


  • Highly advantageous where concrete pumping is desired. Ideally suited for ready mixed concrete industries where long hauls are always involved. ADHERE MIX-100 because of its capability to impart flowing consistency to concrete can be used with advantage where congestion of reinforcement occurs and vibration is difficult.
  • Has excellent slump retention properties (based on dosage) and hence is a recommended admixture when concrete is to be transported over long distances.
  • Permits proper placement and finishing, overcoming the damaging and accelerating effects of high temperatures, because of its retarding effect.
  • ADHERE MIX-100 in designed proportion controls the setting of large structural units to keep concrete workable throughout the placing period. This eliminates cold joints and discontinuities.
  • Helps in the production of dense and impermeable concrete, thus making it an ideal choice for coastal structures.


ADHERE MIX-100 can be directly added into the mix at the same time as the gauging water. Reduce water dosages for required consistency.


ADHERE MIX-100 can be used with all types of portland cements including blended cement, and sulphate resisting cement. It is also compatible with mineral admixtures like fly ash, slag and silica fume. ADHERE MIX-100 should not be mixed with other admixtures.


Substantial reduction in the water content, i.e. 20% to 25% can result in high early compressive strength for a constant slump. The ultimate compressive strength can be enhanced by up to 25 % by using ADHERE MIX-100 with a properly designed concrete mix.


Reduced water-cement ratio reduces capillary porosity and improves water tightness. Improved workability facilitates easy placing and good compaction, resulting in production of dense, impermeable concrete.


Supply form Liquid
Colour Brown
Specific gravity 1.1 @ 27°C ±1°C
Chloride Content Nil


Conforms to ASTM C 494-98 Type G, BS 5075 Part 1 and IS 9103 : 1999


0.3% to 1.2% ADHERE MIX-100 by weight of cement. Maximum dosage can be increased depending on the required early strength, set retardation, and presence of mineral admixtures in the mix subject to corresponding modifications in the concrete mix.


12 months from the date of manufacturing when stored (in ideal storage conditions.)

PACKING: 5, 25, 50,200 Kgs.

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