Adhere Mix-1000 Crystalline Water proofing additives for concrete decription

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ADHERE MIX-1000 is a very concentrated water proofing material consisting of Portland cement and active water proofing chemicals. ADHERE MIX- 1000 is a waterproofing cementitious, which integral to parts of concrete to from a crystallization process.

ADHERE MIX-1000 chemical agents will react with water, a non-soluble crystalline was then generated throughout the capillary voids in the concrete this crystalline is highly resistant to water, and it performs well even under extreme conditions such as pressure or aggressive chemicals. ADHERE MIX -1000 is also recommended for use in minor repair to concrete structure. Cracks or voids up to a width of 1.0 millimetre can seal up anytime by using ADHERE MIX -1000, to form a crystallization process.

General usage:

ADHERE MIX-1000 can be added into concrete either in concrete batch plant concrete mixing trucks or mix by hand for small quantity. The dosage of ADHERE MIX-1000 Shall follow ADHERE BONDS products specification or refer to our professional ADHERE BONDS products representatives for suitable specification. ADHERE MIX -1000 also can be used as an additive agent to cement grout in new concrete to protect concrete structures from water attacks. The protection against water can be permanent once to crystallization processes fully grown. ADHERE MIX-1000 can protect against water can be permanent once the crystallization processes fully grown. ADHERE MIX-1000 can be mixed with cement and sand to become a waterproofing mortar (mix 0.35 kg of ADHERE MIX - 1000 FOR every 50kg of cement).


ADHERE MIX-1000 can be used for most of the concrete structure where the structure will expose to water contact later. ADHERE MIX- 1000 is added in as an waterproofing additive for:-

  • Underground slabs and walls
  • Concrete water tank
  • Swimming pools
  • Reservoirs
  • Ground beams and floors
  • Water storage structures
  • Marine and coastal structures
  • Any fresh concrete,cement plaster and screed.


ADHERE MIX-1000 is ideal for used as an additive to cement grout for pressure grouting, gunniting and rendering mixes. Recommended use varies with different mixing of grouts and gunniting. It is advisable to consult ADHERE BONDS representative the dosage use as additives for grouting and gunning.


Curing to concrete is essential to enable the ADHERE MIX-1000 crystallization optimum growth at earliest possible time .lf possible,it is recommended that curing process take place immediately once final set achieved. Curing can be done by using curing compound or simply watering of the concrete.


Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.


Rubber gloves must be worn direct contact with ADHERE BONDS materials. If materials get into eyes, flush immediately with clean water and repeat until irritation ceases. Use goggles to protect eyes. Clean tools after use.
Note:- The information submitted in this publication is base on our current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors that may affect processing and application these data do not relieve processors of the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and experiments neither do they simply any legally binding assurance of certain properties or of suitability of specific purpose. It is the responsibility of those whom we supply. Our products to ensure that any proprietary right and existing laws and legislations are observed.