Adhere Mix - 200 Block Super Plasticizer For Concrete Blocks

Adhere Bonds Chennai

ADHERE MIX-200 - Super plasticizer based on Naphthalene. Recommended for increased strength and better dimensional stability of concrete blocks.


  • Reduction in water-cement ratio.
  • Optimization of cement content - cost savings.
  • Considerably high early strength and ultimate strength.
  • No cracks and corner breakages in blocks.
  • Improves water tightness and early removal of mould.


ADHERE MIX-200 aids in dispersion of cement particles more rapidly in the concrete mix and imparts repelling charges to the ions in solution. This makes the concrete workable at very low water-cement ratios, resulting in increased strength and dimensional stability.


  • For concrete block making to attain high early strength and easier mould release. Facilitates concrete placement in mould even at low watercement ratios.
  • Increases durability of concrete blocks by facilitating casting at reduced water-cement ratio and ensuring crack free blocks.
  • ADHERE MIX-200 when incorporated into the concrete improves the workability of the concrete and reduces internal and external friction. This improves the cohesion of concrete. The uniform dispersion ensures better homogeneity of the mix and minimizes the risk of segregation during placement.


ADHERE MIX-200 is directly added into the mix at the same time as the gauging water. Reduce water dosages for required consistency.


ADHERE MIX-200 can be used with all types of Portland cement including blended cements sulphate resistant cement and white cement. ADHERE MIX- 200 should not be pre-mixed with other admixtures. If other admixtures are to be used on concrete containing ADHERE MIX-200 they have to be added separately.


Reduced water-cement ratio reduces permeability and improves durability. Improved workability facilitates easy placing and good compaction, resulting in production of impermeable concrete.


Substantial reduction in the water content i.e. 12 to 25% can result in high early compressive strength for a constant slump. The ultimate compressive strength can be enhanced by up to 25% by proper mix design with ADHERE MIX-200.


Supply form Liquid
Colour Brown
Specific gravity 1.1 @ 27°C ±1°C
Chloride Content Nil


Conforms to ASTM C 494 – 98 Type F and BS 5075 Part I.


0.3% to 1.2% ADHERE MIX-200 by weight of cement. Maximum dosage may have to be increased to as high as 2% of cement weight with reductions in watercement ratio, where exceptional early strength is required. A suitable modification in the mix design is required in such cases.


12 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in ideal storage conditions.


5, 25, 50, 200 Kgs in high grade plastic containers

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