Adhere Mix - 300 Accelerator

Adhere Bonds Chennai

ADHERE MIX-300 - Accelerating admixture for concrete with plasticizing action.


  • Quick setting time.
  • Increased workability makes placing, compaction and finishing easier and better
  • Increased strength due to reduction in w/c ratio.
  • Reduces permeability and increases durability.
  • Emergency repair works.


ADHERE MIX-300 accelerates the setting time of concrete and reduce water requirement for a specified workability.


ADHERE MIX-300 is ready to use accelerating admixture with plasticizing action which improves good dispersion of cement particles and 1-4 hours of acceleration of setting time over controlled concrete. Reduces the setting time in cold temperatures, increases workability and strength by reduction of water in water-cement ratio.


ADHERE MIX-300 has been specially designed for manufacturing concrete hollow, solid, paving blocks and bricks made with fly ash.


Specific Gravity 1.1 @ 27°C ±1°C.
Compatibility with Cements All types of cement except high alumina cement and rapid hardening cement.


ADHERE MIX-300 should be used along with the mixing water to ensure uniform dispersion. As a guide, dosage of 0.6 - 1.70 % of cement weight, used for acceleration of 1-4 hours. However, best dosage can be determined by site trials.


Over Dosing by accident can lead to high acceleration effects leading to slight difficulty in pouring. However, it has no effects on the quality of concrete.


ADHERE MIX-300 is non toxic. Any splashes on the skin should be washed with water. If contact with eye occurs, wash well and seek medical advice.


12 months from the date of packing in ideal storage conditions.


1, 5, 25, 50 litre containers.

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