ADHERE MIX - IWP Integral Waterproofing Liquid

ADHERE MIX-IWP - liquid waterproofing admixture used in concrete and cement mortar to reduce the water demand and improves the impermeability in concrete.

ADHERE MIX - 100Plasticizer Cum Retarder

ADHERE MIX-100 - retarding water reducer ideally suited for ready mixed concrete industries.

ADHERE MIX - 200Block Super Plasticizer For Concrete Blocks

ADHERE MIX-200 - Super plasticizer based on Naphthalene. Recommended for increased strength and better dimensional stability of concrete blocks.

ADHERE MIX - 300Accelerator

ADHERE MIX-300 - Accelerating admixture for concrete with plasticizing action.

ADHERE MIX-500Superior Concrete Water Reducing Agent

ADHERE MIX-500 Concrete Plasticizer reduces water content in water - cement ratio and increases workability, density & strength.

ADHERE MIX-700High Grade Super Plasticizer

ADHERE MIX-700 Super plasticizer based on naphthalene, recommended for increased workability and early age strengths of concrete.

ADHERE MIX-1000 Crystalline Water Proofing Additives For Concrete Decription

ADHERE MIX-1000 is a very concentrated water proofing material consisting of Portland cement and active water proofing chemicals. ADHERE MIX- 1000 is a waterproofing cementitious, which integral to parts of concrete to from a crystallization process.