ADHEREX - CTECoal Tar Epoxy for Structural Protection

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ADHEREX - CTE - Two part Coal Tar Epoxy based coating which provides protection to concrete and metal structures against ingress of chemicals thus preventing corrosion. Its gives excellent chemical resistant properties and is most suited for structures in submerged conditions like pipelines, foundations, tanks, sewage works, effluent plants, docks, harbor installations, etc.


  • Its low viscosity formulation helps in easy application
  • It can be used as a protective coating on structures and can be applied by brush or spray equipment
  • Good adhesion with concrete and metal surfaces
  • Gives long lasting corrosion protection
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Self priming ability, hence primer is not required


ADHEREX - CTE develops an efficient barrier on the exposed surface of the structure, thus making it impossible for deteriorating agents to enter the structure. The coating is impervious and stays in place ensuring that the structure remains durable.


ADHEREX - CTE can be used as a protective coating for RCC structural elements, piers, foundations etc. against saline atmosphere or corrosive environmental conditions. It also protects the concrete against carbonation and chloride penetration. Can be used for buoys and bottom portion of ship, which remains in water.

ADHEREX - CTE is ideal for protective coatings of metal pipes, frames, grills, tanks, manhole covers, drainage systems, M.S. pile liners retaining walls, raft foundations and any RCC structure below ground level.



Surface must be cleaned and made free from dirt, rust, grease, oil, and loose particles before application of ADHEREX - CTE. If necessary aggressive blasting techniques may be adopted.

Mix Resin and Hardener thoroughly with a low speed mixer (300-400 RPM), till the mix is homogeneous Mixing must done to get uniform colour of the mixed material, which can be brush or spray applied on a prepared surface.


Apply minimum two coats of ADHEREX - CTE using a brush on the treated dry surface keeping a time difference of 15 hours between them. If the area is subjected to severe corrosion or abrasion, three coats of application is recommended.


Air curing for 48 hours is recommended. Full curing - 7 days


1 kg of ADHEREX - CTE covers 30 - 40 Sqft. in single coat application. The coverage reduces on roughness of surfaces.


Colour Black colour viscous liquid
Specific gravity 1.25
Pot life @ 30˚C 30 - 45 minutes


Touch dry 5-7 Hours
Hard dry 1 day
Light foot traffic 1 day
Full cure & Chemical Resistance 7 day


It is advisable to wear hand gloves and safety glasses to avoid contact with skin or eyes during application. Any splashes into the eyes must be immediately washed only with clean water and medical advice should be taken.


12 months from the date of manufacturing in ideal storage conditions.


10 Kgs.

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