ANTI Corrosive Coatings

ADHERE BONDS - RBC Reinforcement Bar Protection Coating System

ADHERE BONDS - RBC is an acrylic co-polymer to be used in combination with ordinary Portland cement and fine river sand (sieved sand finer than 300 microns) and surface applied over steel reinforcement for better corrosion protection.

ADHEREX - ZRPZinc Rich Epoxy Coating For Reinforcement

ADHEREX - ZRP is a two pack polyamide atmospheric curing compound and has excellent resistance to corrosion.

ADHEREX - CTECementitious Expanding Compound For Grout & Concrete

ADHEREX - CTE Two part Coal Tar Epoxy based coating which provides protection to concrete and metal structures against ingress of chemicals thus preventing corrosion. Its gives excellent chemical resistant properties and is most suited for structures in submerged conditions like pipelines, foundations, tanks, sewage works, effluent plants, docks, harbor installations, etc.